Green Day was nominated for "Favorite Alternative Rock Artist" in the American Music Awards, along with Kings of Leon and Shinedown. Be sure to vote for Green Day!

Green Day is also in Fuse's Best Video of 2009 Tournament Bracket with the video for "Know Your Enemy". Voting begins today, and you can vote as often as you wish. Voting determines the order of the countdown on Fuse's Top 40 of '09, which airs on December 12th at 4pm. Be sure to vote for Green Day!

Rock Pulse wrote a complimentary review of the Green Day Art Show. Here's a small portion of the review: "There's a celebratory air around the gallery for this evening's private view, little wonder when one considers the logistical hurdles faced to bring the pieces together in one venue, let alone the other organisational implications of such a project.

The Star also wrote a great review of Green Day's show last night. Here's a small sample of the review: "A true showman, Armstrong delivered sharp vocals and witty banter, along with his constant boundless energy which had crowds on their feet and clapping for the entire night."

And to end the night on a humorous note, Tre posted another tweet:
I'm sweatin' like a whore in church after that maniacal mischief in Birmingham UK. I'm spying on the people walking to their rides -tre

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