Today we're really excited to start selling these 'F**K Cancer' shirts with 100% of the profits going to the Avon Walk for breast cancer research and patient care. The shirts, black with pink font and ribbon, are stylized like the "Awesome As F**k" artwork.

Mike and Brittney recently announced that they were doing the Avon Walk on September 6th and 7th, and we're hoping we can send in a donation with money raised directly to Team Britt before her walk. We encourage you guys to support her team directly.

Click the shirt to visit Spreadshirt and place an order. There are two versions of the shirt: one has the text and ribbon on the front, one has the text on the front with the ribbon on the back.

One side design:

Two side design:

Since it takes a while for money raised from shirts to be paid out from the company we're selling through (Spreadshirt) we're not totally sure if we'll be able to donate directly to Team Britt in time for her walk, but that's what we're hoping for. If not, we'll just donate the money directly to the Avon Walk charity.

Helping to fight cancer is one of the main causes we've tried to support throughout the years. We're really excited about this shirt and that 100% of the profits will go to charity. We're hoping to sell 50+ shirts to be able to send in a sizable donation on behalf of Green Day fans. If you're not interested in a shirt, we encourage you guys to donate directly to Team Britt to help support her walk.
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