Yesterday we picked our top 5 entries in our Kerplunk cover contest and put them up for voting. A lot of people were upset because we initially said we'd do top 10. Let me explain what happened and how we're going to try to fix it.

I got all the entries in via email, I downloaded them all and split them into two groups "Definitely" and "Maybe". Out of those, the team agreed on 7 entries that should be included. We couldn't agree on the other 3, so we decided to cut it down to top 5 because we all agreed on at least that many and I decided having fewer entries would make it easier for the visitors listening and voting for the winner.

This morning I saw some visitors posting links to their submissions and I realized that I missed some during my initial selection (where I downloaded mp3s and put them in a folder for our team to listen), so other team members weren't even aware of these other submissions. I rushed us through picking the top 5 and putting them up because we were already a day late from when we said voting would start and in doing so I didn't make sure we got everything.

We're going to go back to the start and download every entry and list every single one for the team to listen to and then we'll vote for the top 10. We'll keep the 5 we already agreed on, and will listen to every entry again to pick the other 5. The top 10 will be posted tomorrow morning, February 6th, for voting from you guys.
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February 2023
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Feb 01:
Dookie was released 29 years ago!!
Feb 17:
Happy Birthday Billie Joe. He turns 51 today!