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This past week, Mike Dirnt and his wife Brittney took a vacation to attend the South By Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. While attending Rachael Ray's Feedback food and music party, Billboard caught up with Mike to check in with him and Green Day.

Mike mentioned that he is "super excited and super nervous, too" about Green Day's upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. He also said that Jason White is doing well in his battle with cancer.

Mike then dropped this little nugget:

"Everyone's healthy and we're gearing up to kick ass again."

Only a few words but Mike seems to indicate that the band is getting ready to get back together and ultimately record new music. Of course, they are gearing up for their Hall of Fame induction next month but I feel as if Mike is talking about beyond that. Let's hope.

Just earlier last week, Green Day's Instagram account posted a photo of the foursome in the studio, presumably getting some jam sessions in before the HOF ceremony.

Mike is no stranger to Rachael Ray's Feedback party. Last year at the event, the Foxboro Hot Tubs played a set at the party's venue.

Thanks to Eric for sending this news in
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