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Green Day team member Chris Dugan was recently interviewed on the podcast Working Class Audio Session with recording and mixing engineer Matt Boudreau. The Chief Engineer of Jingletown Studios (Green Day's studio) talked with Matt about his start and history in audio, how he got involved with Green Day, and much more.

Us fans got to know about Chris starting with Foxboro Hot Tubs' Stop Drop and Roll in 2007 and 2008, continuing on to 21st Century Breakdown and the ¡UNO! ¡DOS! ¡TRÉ! trilogy. However, as Chris explains in the interview, he got his start much earlier with the band.

Take a listen to the podcast over on Working Class Audio's website by clicking here - something I highly recommend in addition to reading our overview below.

In the early 2000s, Billie Joe had built his own home studio and needed an engineer to help record bands. Billie Joe asked Bill Schneider if he could find him an engineer. Through the band The Influents (Jason White, Bill Schneider, and others), Bill knew Willie Samuels who is a friend and business parter with Chris at Nu-Tone studios in Pittsburg, California; a studio the two started in the mid '90s. Along with recording bands in Billie Joe's basement, Chris became Green Day's "go-to guy" as he started out by recording their demos and eventually progressed into recording their albums, starting with 21st Century Breakdown.

Along side his personal history, Chris talks a bit about the history of Jingletown Studios. While at Studio 880 in Oakland during the pre-production and demos phase of 21st Century Breakdown, the band learned that Studio 880 was up for sale and they decided to purchase it. After purchasing, the band turned it into their private spot and home base. While out on the road touring the album in 2009 and 2010, the studio opened up its doors to the public and rented out the recording spaces.

While not out on the road with Green Day, Chris explains that he is the Chief Engineer at Jingletown studios, recording various bands that have booked recording time. However, when Green Day needs him, Chris explains that he drops much of what he is doing to work with them.

At the time of the recording of the podcast, Chris mentions he is currently away from Jingletown to work on "another project" - hmmm who could that be?
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