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Not every song by every great band can be amazing, and's Rock Music section listed the "occasional misstep" by 10 'Great Rock Artists' and in there included Green Day's "Warning"

[quote]Green Day's title track and first single from 2000's Warning album marks the band's first steps towards politically charged lyrics which were used to better affect on their American Idiot album. “Warning” repeats the same 4 chord riff throughout the entire song. The song sounds like it was written and recorded in about 20 minutes, which isn’t always a good thing. The song "Warning" did not crack the Billboard Hot 100 chart but neither did any of Green Day's first 20 singles until "American Idiot" hit No. 61 in 2004. [/quote]

Of all Green Day songs they picked "Warning"? For gods sake there's always "Last Ride In". Even if the music itself on "Warning" is simplistic, many great Green Day songs are, and the lyrics aren't trite. Either way, you can check out the full list on where they also included songs like the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Warped" and Weezer's "Beverly Hills".

Plus, the "Warning" video is pretty good.
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