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Triple M, an Australian rock music radio station, has posted an article on their website stating that Billie Joe has began work with a new band.

The station is basing their belief on a recent Instagram post by Billie Joe in which he writes "#mynewband keep rocking."

[quote]Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has revealed his working with a new band in a very subtle way. The punk singer, who has fronted Green Day since the 90s took to his personal instagram and announced he is working with a new band simply by hash tagging #newband in this latest post.[/quote]

Now, if you've been following Billie Joe's posts recently, you'll know that this is far from the truth and he's actually encouraging others to start a band and be heard with their music. See his original post here.

Triple M goes on to question Green Day's future, even though all they had to do was look at his other recent posts to get a context of what he was talking about.

[quote]After a series of rehab visits, strange antics on-stage and cancelled events, Green Day fans have been left in the dark as to the future of the beloved punk band. Now the question is who is Bille Joe working with? He was once asked to join American punk band Rancid, now they’re constantly touring again has he finally said yes? Keep your eyes peeled.[/quote]
You can read the full article here.

Our in house Aussie (Liam) swears the station is a reputable news source, so it's a little concerning to see Billie Joe's words twisted this way.

Triple M: We can assure you that Billie Joe is very much still with Green Day and you can look for them coming soon, according to rumors.

That is all for this month's WTF article. Carry on with your day.
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