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Over the month of June, Schroom Custom Guitar Works in Northern California has been working on a guitar project for Billie Joe.

The custom work guitar shop, owned by Tony Schroom, took in a 1954 Les Paul Junior from Billie Joe with the intent to strip down and refinish the guitar with a sparkly gold and sunburst color scheme. Let's just say Tony delivered. Check out the awesome finish job in the Instagram post below.

[quote]This junior is done! Billie wanted a heavy relic, but we all decided it looked so good I went very moderate with it. Some chips, dings a little arm wear but well cared for 54 junior. Lots of finish checking though. This guitar sounds great, sustain for days.[/quote]

In a post earlier this month (since deleted), Schroom mentioned that Billie Joe wanted (read: needed) the guitar by the "end of June," sparking a discussion on our community forum as to why. Having the guitar by the end of June lines up nicely with the rumor going around that Green Day wants to start rehearsals in July for an upcoming tour in Fall.

See more photos from Schroom's Instagram account below for a timeline of the progress on the guitar's finish.

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