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Green Day's touring guitarist and back-up vocalist Jeff Matika has just uploaded a photo to Instagram captioned "Let's go!" that shows a variety of guitars and related gear.

In the background of the photo (top right), you can see a handful of other guitars, two of them being Billie Joe's very recognizable silver-sparkle Les Paul Jr. and his new sunburst-sparkle LPJ.

Why is this exciting? Well, we're pretty sure it means the band has started rehearsing for a potential upcoming tour. We'd been hearing rumors that the band was going to start rehearsals "this summer" and a recent tweet by Jeff indicates that he is now in California.

We can also point to a recent post by Billie Joe on Instagram that shows him and this very same case of guitars as seen in Jeff's photo.

Check out the photo below and start getting excited! Let us know what you think in the comments or over in our forum thread for the topic where we're discussing it.

Jeff Matika photo
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