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Over the past few days, reviews of Green Day's 12th studio album Revolution Radio have been rolling out on the web from music, news, and culture websites.

Check out a selection of those reviews that we've found below. The general consensus between all of them is that the album is a hit and shows the band firing on all cylinders with simple, straight punk-rock.

What are your thoughts on the album so far? Let us know in the comments.


4/5 | Read

[quote]Every great downfall deserves a redemption, however, and with ‘Revolution Radio’, Green Day now have theirs. There’ll be no Broadway musicals made of this album, no think-pieces devoted to unpicking its politics or meaning, but as a simple collection of songs, it’s as strong as anything they’ve come up with since 2004’s ‘American Idiot’.[/quote]

Entertainment Weekly

B+ | Read

[quote]On their 12th studio LP they’re dialing down the excess, and the result is a focused set that rocks as fearlessly as their Gilman Street glory days. Billie Joe Armstrong is as pissed as ever, but on cuts like the title track, the target of his ire is vague.q[/quote]

NY Times


[quote]The state of the world is just too much for Green Day on “Revolution Radio.” Violence, war, death and lies loom everywhere; a glimmer of love or truth, or simply a respite, is the most the band can hope for, and it’s far from enough. But the tumult and desperation ignite the music on “Revolution Radio.”[/quote]

Rolling Stone


[quote]Green Day's first album in four years is vibrant punk rock, uncluttered by outsize grandiosity or conceptual overthink. "Revolution Radio" sets the tone with its Clash-like police-siren guitar, Tré Cool's combustible drum tumult and Billie Joe Armstrong snarling about cherry bombs and gasoline as if he's looking around his garage for stuff that might set the world on fire.[/quote]

USA Today


[quote]Revolution Radio looks at its opponents with a more mature eye, taking aim at a broader range of targets with more generic battle cries and losing the recurring characters of their rock operas for more traditional songwriting.[/quote]

Washington Post


[quote]“Revolution Radio” sees Green Day back on the straight and narrow, a dozen potent tunes encasing the punk attitude with plenty of pop hooks.[/quote]

The National

3.5/4 | Read

[quote]The past three years have allowed the band to regroup and go back to the foundations – literally. To ensure privacy they built a studio in their home city of Oakland and started jamming for fun. The end result is energising new album Revolution Radio which, despite its rallying cry of a title, is the sound of band rediscovering themselves once again.[/quote]



[quote]Based on its title, Green Day's latest album, "Revolution Radio," suggests "21st Century Breakdown" territory. But it's actually a thrilling execution of everything Green Day has attempted over the past seven years.[/quote]

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