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Courtesy of Frank Maddocks
Entertainment Weekly has a new feature on Billie Joe! To celebrate the release of Revolution Radio yesterday, they got some personal music recommendations from the man himself.

EW asked Billie Joe to make a playlist of songs that have influenced him the most throughout his life. Below is a quick list of the artists included:

    1. Elvis Presley
    2. The Monkees
    3. Chuck Berry
    4. Hüsker Dü
    5. The Replacements
    6. The Who
    7. Bikini Kill
    8. The Ramones
    9. Dog Party
    10. The Who
    11. Green Day
    12. The Boo
    13. The Rolling Stones
    14. Cannibal Corpse

Check out EW to listen to the playlist and read Billie Joe's personal thoughts. Here's what he had to say about his favorite musician, Joey Ramone:

"Joey is the Jesus of punk. He has this endearing quality where his voice matches the way he looked. He’s incredibly handsome, in a praying-mantis kind of way. He’s just gangly and long-legged and his voice [sounds like] that—it’s like a really insecure kid that’s become empowered through rock & roll music."

It's great to see some bands with family ties high on Billie Joe's list, along with legendary favorites.

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