Green Day was interviewed on 93.3 out of Greenville, South Carolina back when Revolution Radio was released. Listen to the interview below.

The interviewer starts off by asking Billie Joe what he meant by destroying pop-punk in a tweet last year:
"That was just a dumb tweet. The only thing I was getting at was I don't like the phrase. I don't know. Pop-punk. It just sounds like a contradiction of terms. Nothing against the bands or anything like that."

What kind of venue do they prefer to play in?
"Tre: One thing about Green Day's live show is that the energy can be maintained in a big place or a small club. Our fans are completely bonkers and amazing, and can make you feel like you're in an intimate show even if you're in Hyde Park"

What song are you most excited to release into the wild:
"Billie Joe: I think one of my favorite songs is "Still Breathing". I think it's a different direction for us, but at the same time it sort of embodies what Green Day, what our sound is."

Will we ever hear anything else from Cigarettes & Valentines.
"It's possible we might put something out of the lost record. But I don't think anytime soon."

Thanks to nopride84 for posting this on our forum.
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