If you follow SWMRS on social media, you saw lots of posts about an upcoming benefit show to aid the victims of the Ghost Ship fire. The band all hail from Oakland and jumped at the opportunity to make a difference.

When it was revealed that the show would be at 1234 GO! Records and SWMRS said, "there's a chance we'll have some very special guests coming up on stage with us," context clues lead some to believe that members of Green Day might be joining in. That's exactly what ended up happening — Billie Joe and Mike played a short setlist with SWMRS and Jakob Danger (Billie Joe's youngest son).

Billie Joe called it an "emotional" night, probably due to both the remembrance of the Oakland tragedy and also the fact that he got to play his own songs with both of his sons. 1234 GO! Records said over $3,000 was raised to donate to the Ghost Ship victims fund, so the show was an absolute success in more ways than one.

Here are the Green Day songs that were played (with videos):

1. Armatage Shanks

2. Stuck With Me

3. Scattered

4. Waiting

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5. Murder City

All the feels #1234gorecords

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Bill Schneider then joined Billie Joe and Mike onstage to play a few Pinhead Gunpowder tunes.

1. Losers of the Year

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2. Life During Wartime


3. Anniversary Song

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Thanks to @GDLot for compiling some of these videos.
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