Green Day released their lyric video for "Troubled Times" exactly one week ago and it generated quite a few articles across the web, as well as getting over 1.7 millions views in that week. Check some of the articles below.

Loudwire - "Green Day Make Powerful Martin Luther King Jr. Day Statement With ‘Troubled Times’ Lyric Video"

Guitar World Magazine - "Green Day Premiere 'Troubled Times' Lyric Video"

Rolling Stone - "Watch Green Day's Trump-Trashing 'Troubled Times' Lyric Video"

Hollywood Report - "Green Day Debuts New Anti-Trump Video Screed"

US Weekly - "Green Day Skewers Donald Trump in ‘Troubled Times’ Lyric Video: Watch"

The Huffington Post - "Green Day Rips Donald Trump In New 'Troubled Times' Video"

Mic - "Green Day's "Troubled Times" video takes aim at Donald Trump"

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