Follow GDA on threads! @gdauthority, a French site, reviewed Green Day's concert in Zurich, Switzerland. Check out the article here if you can read French. If your French isn't that great, check out the bit below for our translation attempt. If you don't feel like reading, you should still check out the article for some amazing photos.

[quote]I saw nothing less than one of the best concerts of my life on January 16, 2017 ... And I'm neither an ultra fan of the band nor a guy who has only seen a handful of concerts. Mind you, I knew the release of Dookie (1994) and its phenomenal success at the time, so I'm part of what Billie Joe Armstrong calls 'vintage' fans. But I confess to having somewhat neglected Green Day. It is more out of nostalgia that I went to the concert, while wondering how this group could afford to fill the Hallenstadion today. And from the beginning of the concert, I understood ...
They are simply one of the best live bands that exists. The show is joyful, spectacular, always moving and, above all, there is this incredible complicity with the crowd that Billie Joe Armstrong knows how to create. Not only does he talk to people, but he makes them come on stage to sing or play guitar; He kisses them, takes them in his arms, offers them squarely the instrument on which they have scratched a few notes, and so on. In short, they are rare, the artists of this notoriety who manage to create such proximity with their audience. There is only Bruce Springsteen that comes to mind, right there ... A perfect concert, then.
The following pictures were captured during the first two songs only. They do not reflect all the events mentioned above, but still a dive course of the young spectator whom Billie Joe Armstrong had invited to sing.[/quote]

Review and photos by Gilles Simon. Thanks to Fran├žois B for sending this news in.
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