Green Day is moving their concert this summer in Sweden to the Scandinavium on June 21st. Tickets went on sale yesterday. Fans who pre-ordered will be getting an email confirming the move and information about getting tickets re-issued by the new venue.

Reasoning given was because of noise limits after certain hours for open-air events. Because Green Day's concert (with the opening bands) is likely to pass beyond the "quiet hours" time they'll instead be moving into another venue.

> Talk to other fans about this in the show topic on our forum.

Below is a translated version of the email sent to a visitor on our forum (translated by user I don't care).

"Dear Green Day-customer

The concert with Green Day and Rancid on June 21st is being moved from Slottskogsvallen to Scandinavium. This is because Green Day wants to play their entire set of 2,5 h, and since there are both support and opening acts as well, there isn't enough time before it has to be quiet, according to the rules for outdoor shows.

You have to switch your ticket to the Scandinavium show!

At Scandinavium:

Golden Circle is called "främre ståplats"

"Normal" standing is called "bakre ståplats"

There are also numbered seats.

There are two alternatives, to switch your ticket to seats or to another one of the same kind.

1. If you wish to switch your Golden Circle- or normal standing ticket to seats, you have to e-mail before Sunday 5th of March. State the order number on your "biljettforum"-ticket as well as how many tickets you want to change to seats. New tickets will be sent in return to your mail.

2. If you want to keep your Golden Circle- or normal standing ticket, new tickets will be sent automatically from Gotevent in week 10, then called "främre ståplats" or "bakre ståplats", depending on what you bought.


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View show details in our tour section.

Thanks to sarastarfighter for posting the news on our forum, and I don't care for translating.
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