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A Green Day fan has gotten ahold of a tape titled Life Without Spot - A Food Not Bombs Benefit Compilation that is a compilation of songs from the early '90s.

One of the songs on the album, titled "Rox Yer Ass", is an instrumental from 'Billie Joe Experience', which turns out to be a cover up name for Green Day.

[quote]I recently got my hands on an extremely rare cassette tape compilation from the early '90s called 'Life Without Spot - A Food Not Bombs Benefit Compilation'.

The compilation features Green Day under the secret name Billie Joe Experience performing an 'instrumental' jam titled 'Rox Yer Ass.' I have decided to share this gem with the world.

For those who are hesitant as to it's authenticity, I reached out to Corbett Redford (of the upcoming documentary - Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk) who personally verified it with Billie Joe![/quote]

Check out the song below. What do you think? The creepy, low voices are very reminiscent of the ones that are in "Android" from Kerplunk.

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