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This past Friday, All Time Low released a cover of "Longview" for the Spotify Landmark series, Green Day: The Early Days.

Take a listen to the song below (or over on Spotify) and let us know your thoughts! I think they did a pretty good job with it, especially in the chorus.

All Time Low's cover joins a growing list of songs that have been covered from Dookie for the Spotify Landmark series. Just the week before, Pierce the Veil released a stripped-down version of "Coming Clean", which can be heard here. Before that, covers from Neck Deep, Taking Back Sunday, and Bayside were released.

It seems like Spotify has teamed up with many bands/artists to cover all of Dookie. Will we get a new cover this week? If so, what are some of the bands you're hoping to see in on this project? Let us know in the comments.

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