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Prior to the band's performance this morning on Good Morning America, Green Day was interviewed briefly by the show on Facebook Live.

During the interview, Billie Joe let it slip that Green Day will be touring South America at some point during the Revolution Radio Tour. After the reveal, he quickly realized that he wasn't supposed to say that and tried to back track. Check out the interview below:

There have been several rumors flying around in the past few weeks suggesting that Green Day will be touring the continent. These rumors now seem to be credible. Several news agencies have even gotten confirmation on specific dates for shows in Brazil in November. Another news agency is reporting that the band will stop in Chilé in November. Green Day hasn't been to South America since 2010 on the 21st Century Breakdown Tour.

When the band officially announces these dates, we'll be sure to post about them.

Before the trip to South America, the band has a month long European tour and a two month long US tour planned, starting early June. Check out our Tour Section for all of the dates.

Brazil: Green Day is coming!
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