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Despite having only finished Green Day's European tour a few days ago, Billie Joe Armstrong has already stated that he is ready to play with the band's most well-known side project. The frontman of both bands teased fans in an Instagram post, asking:

"who's ready for a Hot tubs show?"

before instantly responding to his own question with

"I am!"

It isn't currently clear where the band, who haven't performed live since 2014, are likely to play, though a few members are known to have returned to the US from Spain following the conclusion of Green Day's European tour. This hasn't stopped locations in more than one continent being speculated, and hopeful requests spanning much of the globe. If the band are indeed playing a show then we will, no doubt, receive more information in due course, though the side project's typically low-key promotion leaves the potential source of that information almost as hard to pinpoint as the location of the show. We'll be sure to keep you updated with any developments.

Anyone wanting to indulge in a little speculation can head over to our forum, where you can discuss the news with other fans.

who's ready for a Hot tubs show? I am!

A post shared by Billie Joe Armstrong (@billiejoearmstrong) on

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