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Here's a brief recap of July and the top 5 most read Green Day stories this month

Green Day will be making a video for "Forever Now" with Sam Bayer. They also announced that "Somewhere Now" is the new UK single.

Billie Joe learned how to use Instagram Live. And it's fantastic. He debuted his technological prowess playing "Somewhere Now", "Give Me Novacaine", and "Fell From You" acoustically, before his wife and son return home with some amazement to see Billie Joe talking into his phone. Read the full post and check out the videos here.

Billie Joe is "Ready for a Foxboro Hot Tubs" show, getting everyone excited for our favorite side project. No real word on any plans for this, but even that it crossed their radar is enough to hold us over.

Green Day played at Mad Cool Festival and some people weren't happy about that after a acrobat performer died before the band went on stage. Billie Joe posted about it on Instagram to give everyone some context about what they knew and why they played.

Bang Bang was nominated for Best Rock at the 2017 MTV VMAs. Billie Joe posted on Instagram saying

Other Noteworthy News

The Green Day produced documentary "Turn It Around: Story of East Bay Punk" made held it's premiere. The film is running all this week at the IFC center in New York City. More info about where to watch it can be found over at Easy Bay Punk.com

GDA is starting working on our 2017 recap zine that will be out late this year or early 2018. We want your stories and experiences to share from fans who have been to see the band live
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