Variety has reported that Green Day has split from their longtime manager Pat Magnarella. Pat has been with the band for over 20 years, starting back in 1996. I'm incredibly surprised by this news.

Story time! Just over 11 years ago (June 2006), I wrote a letter and mailed it off to Warner Bros, asking for some info about a Paris show that was cancelled, but fans were emailing us because they weren't able to get refunds. I wrote them, telling them about GDA, and asking if they could let us know what was going on so we could pass it on to the fans. Pat wrote back with a short email


Just read your email to Warner’s about Green Day in Paris if you have any questions you can call me, I am Green Day’s manager.

Pat Magnarella"

I can't tell you how excited I was to get that email. Over the last 11 years, Pat has been incredibly kind toward GDA and fans. When we asked clarification on some news, or asked for stuff to giveaway, he would always reply, even if he couldn't share anything new with us. He was always kind, professional, and succinct. There are so many emails with just single sentence replies, sometimes single word replies. "Yes", "No", "Will update later". They always amused me and I appreciated the directness.

It's not clear exactly what brought on this split. I'm sure there's so much that happens behind the scenes that led to this decision. Of course, fans are speculating about what this means going forward. Variety is reporting the band may be signing on with Jonathan Daniel at Crush Music who also represents " Sia, Fall Out Boy, and Lorde, among others."

Many fans don't really understand what a manager does. He is basically the business side of Green Day. They're responsible for keeping an eye on the things the band are scheduled to do, making sure they're part of the right deals, making sure they're treated fairly by the people that they work with, or work for them. They have a central role in what Green Day does. In that role, Pat was also executive producer of Green Day's films like Bullet In A Bible, Awesome As Fuck, and Heart Like A Hand Grenade. He also worked with them on Adeline Records. So he's been pretty central to most things Green Day has touched over the last 21 years.

What this means for Green Day shall be seen. While I'm sad to see Pat go, considering how kind he was with us and other fans, I'm also looking forward to whatever the band has planned going forward. I can only assume a change in management will be a change in some of the things they do. That could lead to something exciting.

For now we send our sincere thanks and appreciation for all Pat has done for us and Green Day fans around the world. Thank you for all you've done for this community the past 11 years. (Yes, you were with the band for 10 years before that, but we're selfish people who only care about the point where we started talking to you).

Thanks, and we wish you well!


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