A few weeks ago, Billie Joe released 11 previously unheard demos and covers that spanned several projects including The Longshot, These Paper Bullets, and Ordinary World. Since their release, the songs have been a SoundCloud-exclusive. Today, however, the tracks are available in digital stores and on streaming services.

Under the Longshot moniker, there are three singles and EPs: Return to Sender, Razor Baby, and Bullets.

Return to Sender (covers)
1. So Sad About Us (The Who)
2. Can't Make It On Time (Ramones)
3. As Tears Go By (Rolling Stones)
4. Million Miles Away (Plimsouls)
5. I Am A Rock (Paul Simon)

Razor Baby (mostly originals)
1. Fever Blister
2. Razor Baby
3. I've Got Problems
4. Southern Girls (Cheap Trick cover)

Bullets (recorded for These Paper Bullets musical)
1. Give It All To You
2. Keep Me Satisfied

The purchase or stream the songs, visit The Longshot artist page on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, and JunoDownload. The songs are slowly rolling out on Spotify and are not yet available through Amazon.

Also recently available for purchase and streaming is the song "Devil's Kind", originally from Ordinary World. That can be purchased/stream from iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, JunoDownload.

We recently put up a poll asking our visitors what their favorite song from The Longshot's album Love Is for Losers is. The top three are "Love is for Losers", "The Last time", and "Turn Me Loose".
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