It's no secret that we've missed some Green Day news on GDA. While we're trying to get back on track, here's a quick recap of everything we missed out on.

Morrissey teams up with Billie Joe Armstrong

Morrissey recently recruited Billie Joe Armstrong for his cover of the 5th Dimension's song "Wedding Bells." The track features Armstrong and The Regrettes' Lydia Night on backing vocals. The songs can be found on Morrissey's cover album, California Son, out now. Armstrong later wrote on Instagram what an “honor” it was to work the Morrissey, but many on the Green Day Community forum questioned the collaboration due to Morrissey’s controversial political views.

Rare Green Day track "Stay" and other demos surface online

Earlier this year, a rare recording of the unreleased Green Day track "Stay" surfaced online. Uploaded by Youtuber “Todd Pritchard,” the song dates all the way back to the band’s opening gig for Killdozer at Berkeley Square on July 22nd, 1989. The channel later uploaded two more rare songs: “Maybe Forever” and “Unknown Song.” Recently, the channel uploaded Dookie demos, so make sure you check that out here.

Billie Joe Shares Rare Green Day Videos

Billie Joe Armstrong has been getting nostalgic on his Instagram. He’s shared several rare live clips of early Green Day, including a 1990 performance of “Dry Ice,” and performances of the band opening for Operation Ivy and Bad Religion. The "Dry Ice" clip has been shared before, but it's still fun to see Billie looking back on young Green Day. Revisit that performance below.

Happy BIrthday 21st Century Breakdown!

Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown celebrated its 10th anniversary this year (May 15, 2009). Community members celebrated and shared their thoughts and memories on the American Idiot follow up on The Green Day Community

The Weatherstate pay homage to Green Day with 'Medicate' video

Finally, punk band Weatherstate paid homage to “Basket Case” in their new music video “Medicate,” where they recreate Green Day’s classic clip shot-for-shot. Check out the impressive video below!

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