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In a short interview with Rock Sound, Patent Pending frontman Joe Ragosta talks the band's early years and influences. They were a Green Day and Blink-182 cover band, except they couldn't really play the songs. Naturally, Billie Joe was one of his teenage musical heroes. Their song [url=]Classic You[/url] even references Green Day.

Of their first meeting at the Bowery Electric in New York, he says:

[quote]"One time, Billie Joe, uh, accidentally peed on my foot. There's way more to that story. But it happened. In real life. Paul Rudd was there. I know that sounds made up! It's not. I swear to God! No one believes me! It was the American Idiot cast party."[/quote]

You can watch the full interview [url=]here[/url].
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