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After dropping some hints about their Madrid performance, Green Day kept their word and performed Dookie in its entiriety. The concert at Madrid, Spain's La Riviera on Wednesday (Oct. 30) included several Dookie tracks which haven't been performed live in years, such as "Pulling Teeth," "Chump," and "All By Myself."

When they finished with Dookie, the band treated the crowd with classic tracks like "Minority," "Paper Lanterns," "Boluevard of Broken Dreams," and "I Was There." Of course, they also pulled out their latest track "Father Of All Motherfuckers."

Watch fan captured footage of the show and check out the setlist below.

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Green Day Dookie Setlist @ La Riviera, Madrid (Oct. 30, 2019)

Set 1 - Dookie
"Having a Blast"
"Chump" (First time live since 2014)
"Welcome to Paradise"
"Pulling Teeth" (First time live since 2013)
"Basket Case"
"Sassafras Roots" (First time live since 2013)
"When I Come Around"
"Coming Clean"
"Emenius Sleepus" (First time live since 2013)
"In the End" (First time live since 2013)
"All by Myself" (First time live since 2013)

Set Two
"Bang Bang"
"Revolution Radio"
"Father Of All..."
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
"Brain Stew"
"Paper Lanterns"
"I Was There"
"Know Your Enemy"

"American Idiot"
"Jesus of Suburbia"

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