Over at GreenDayFans.com, site owner Jason is stating that he recently received a mysterious package from an anonymous sender in California. Much to his surprise upon opening, it is reportedly the vinyl sleeve for Green Day's upcoming album Father of All Motherfuckers. Contained on the back of the sleeve was the full 10-song track list for the band's 13th studio album.

Releasing February 7th, 2020, we knew that Father Of All... contained 10 tracks, but we only knew the titles to nine of them... or so we thought. Thanks to interviews over the past few months, we've been able to put together a list of nine of the album's 10 songs. However, with the revealing of the track list, we're missing "Bulletproof Backpack" and "The Art of the Deal with the Devil". GreenDayFans.com is suggesting that those titles have been changed to "Oh Yeah!" and "Take the Money and Crawl", respectively.

Check out the supposed full track list of Father Of All... below.

  1. Father Of All...

  2. Fire, Ready, Aim

  3. Oh Yeah!

  4. Meet Me On The Roof

  5. I Was A Teenage Teenager

  6. Stab You In The Heart

  7. Sugar Youth

  8. Junkies On A High

  9. Take The Money And Crawl

  10. Graffitia

This track list has yet to be confirmed by the band in an official capacity.
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