Green Day recently helped out some fellow punk rockers who found themselves in trouble after a rowdy punk rock show. The band donated $2,000 to cover the damages left by a hardcore punk rock show by Long Beach act Wacko, who plated inside a California Denny's restaurant on December 14th.

The show was booked by 17-year old promoter Bryson Del Valle, who said it was his birthday. Things quickly got out of hand when the crowd started moshing and trashing the place. They were eventually asked to leave but left behind $2000 worth of damage. This prompted Del Valle and the band to launch a GoFundMe campaign. The national coverage the story drew caught the attention of Green Day, who made the most substantial donation.

"Hey Bryson call us!" the group added alongside their significant donation last week. "We wanna play the Bastards Club. Love, Green Day." Bastards Club is the name of Del Valle's skateboarding and concert promotion concern.

They even replied with a cheeky tie-in for their upcoming album:

[quote]father of all grilled cheese 😜🤘

— Green Day (@GreenDay) December 21, 2019[/quote]

After the donation, the band left the following message on Twitter:

[quote]Wow, @GreenDay dropped $2k to help the #wacko kids and young Bryson in the aftermath of the Great Denny’s Punk Rock Riot of 2019. Special shout to @DennysDiner for renting a 50-person room to a 17-year-old and then shaking him down for $1800 to cover the Moons of My Hammy Spread

— Dave Brooks (@RealDaveBrooks) December 21, 2019[/quote]

Watch the raucous performance below.

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