With the release of Father of All Motherfuckers less than a day away, several Green Day interviews have started appearing online. To save you the hassle of trying to track them all down, here are some of the latest interviews featuring Green Day:

- The Toronto Star recently published an interview with Tre about the direction of the new album
- Mike spoke with The Toronto Sun about the longevity of Green Day, steering away from Trump talk, and favorite songs to play live
- Mike also did an interview with ebaumsworld.com where he talks about the new LP and his new cannabis business
- Green Day's new Kerrang! cover story is now available to read online
- Green Day chat about good coffee, the state of rock n roll, and the origin of 'Dookie' with Rock FM Spain
- Forbes recently published a Q+A the band did with Jack Nicholson about fame, politics, and new music
- The Guardian chats with Green Day about Father of All Motherfuckers
- Billie chats with USA Today about the NHL All-Star Game performance, Billie Eilish, and The Grammys
- Mike Dirnt talks about his favorite restaurants with SFGate
- The Sun also spoke to Green Day about the new album
- Green Day are featured on NME's Big Read this week
- Virgin Radio Italy recently posted the interview they did with Green Day a few months ago
- Matt Pinefield spoke to the band after their iHeartRadio release party for LivexLive
-New Zealand's Project NZ also shared their short chat with the band

And for our international friends:
- Green Day appears on the cover of German magazine Rockzone and gave a track by track breakdown of the new LP
- German magazine Visions also has a cover story on Green Day. The digital edition can be found here.

Seems like the boys are in full promotion mode, so expect to see more interviews very soon! And make sure you join the conversation about all the latest Green Day happenings on the Green Day Community forum.
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February 2023
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