[newsImage]102009_mtvla.jpg[/newsImage]The MTV Latin American Awards were last Thursday, October 15th. Green Day picked up two awards at the event; Best International Rock Artist (link), beating out Fall Out Boy, Metallica, Coldplay, and Linkin Park. They also won Best Music in a Video Game (link)for their Rockband pack which was released earlier this year. Visit mtvla.com for the list of all of this years winners.

[newsImage]102009_itunes.jpg[/newsImage]The 21st Century Breakdown video is now available for purchase from the iTunes store for $1.99. I downloaded it to test the quality, which I'll say is decent (I was hoping for HD). It is better than the stream we had before. It's an easy way for you guys to throw it onto your iPods or just to have on your computers. So now that we've all enjoyed the video, stop by the iTunes store and leave a review of the video.
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