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Quarantine is the perfect time to admire forgotten treasures stashed away in a cupboard. So let's have a look at some of the rarest and most obscure Green Day items because limited edition vinyls are cool, but did you know there was an Insomniac condom?

Signed and thumbprinted Waiting single

For an Adeline Records promotion in Japan, Billie Joe signed and thumbprinted 200 7" vinyl singles.

Image: @greendaycollection

Insomniac condom

This was a prize from KROQ. It expired in November 1998. Sadly (or not?) for my fellow allergy sufferers, it wasn't non-latex.


1,000 Hours pink sleeve

While pressing 1,000 Hours - Green Day's first EP - Lookout! Records ran out of green paper. Pink was used instead. Only a few of these exist.

Image: @greendaycollection

American Idiot stress ball

You can literally squeeze a heart grenade with this stress ball.

Image: @greendaycollection

Cloud-shaped Hitchin' a Ride CD single

There are only 200 copies of this German Hitchin' a Ride CD single. Other Hitchin' a Ride singles are normal CDs.

Image: onemicstand

Spy Rock Road cassette

Tré Cool was in The Lookouts with Lookout! Records founder Larry Livermore. Their last album, Spy Rock Road, was most commonly found on vinyl. The cassette is rare. Did you know Billie Joe played guitar and sang backing vocals on the first three tracks?

Image: @greendaycollection

Stuck With Me post-it notes

There were about 100 of these per pack. Anyone ever use them?

Image: bigfunction

White Slappy vinyl

Look For Love is generally considered the rarest Green Day vinyl. However, it's actually this, since there's only one copy in white. Larry Livermore sold it on eBay in 2006.

Image: Green Day Discography

Green Day Insomnia pills

These appeared in an MTV video promoting a competition to meet Green Day in Denmark in 1995. The tour was cancelled, but the expired candy became valuable.

Promotional Warning tape

If you were around during the Warning era (or on eBay at the height of Green Day's popularity), you might have found some of this promotional Warning tape.

Image: @greendaycollection

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