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After 17 years of silence, mysterious masked six-piece The Network have returned.

The band marked their returned last week with a new Instagram account where they posted a cryptic teaser called "The Prophecy." The short clip featured the band singing "We're right. We told you so." This was followed up with a brief clip called "Tarantula."

Now, the Green Day side project the band has released their new song "Ivankkka is a Nazi." Though it's not confirmed, it's safe to say the song is aimed at Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump.

Watch the video below.


The return of The Network has brought up their long-standing rivalry with Green Day, who they are often compared to despite sounding or looking nothing alike. With the release of the new song, the band has taken to social media to squash any rumors that they are indeed The Network.

Recently, Warner Records announced The Network as their new signees, which Green Day was not very happy about.

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