We know, we know. We're a little late with this, but before we move on to August, we wanted to say happy birthday to Green Day Authority!

July 12th marked the 21st anniversary of GDA! Established back in 2001, GDA has been a site for Green Day fans made by Green Day fans. Dedicated to everything and anything related to the band, it remains a hub for fans to not only keep up with the band, but to hang out with other fans, pick apart their music, share their own Green Day stories, and make a connection with other dedicated fans.

Though we’ve had our fair share of technical difficulties throughout the past year that prevented us from posting, we’re still dedicated to everything Green Day and the fans new and old who are passionate about the band.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone and anyone who has stopped by the site or the Green Day Community forums throughout the past two decades. We especially want to thank those who have stuck with us through our many technical difficulties. (Seriously, thank you so much). Without you, this site wouldn’t even be possible.

We look forward to continuing to bring you more stories, news, and whatever else may come about Green Day. And we hope you continue to join us on this journey.

So, take a moment, have a drink with us, and say cheers to GDA!
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Green Day's live album, "Awesome As Fuck", was released 12 years ago.