Hard to believe, but both ¡Uno! and ¡Cuatro! are celebrating big anniversaries this week.

¡Cuatro! celebrated its 10th anniversary on Sunday, September 24th. Released in 2013, the behind-the-scenes documentary offers us an inside look at the making of The Trilogy and a peek into the band's life outside of the studio. From the unforgettable opening of the guys hobnobbing it (naked in Tre's case) in a hot tub to live footage of the band debuting the songs in small clubs across America, this documentary is a must-watch for fans.

But before the release of ¡Cuatro!, came ¡Uno! on September 25th, 2012 - the first of three albums to come and the start of a weird chapter for the band. After penning two rock operas, ¡Uno! sees the band returning to fast, fun, and raucous punk rock with punchy songs like "Nuclear Family," "Stay the Night," "Let Yourself Go." It even saw them get out of their comfort zone with "Kill The DJ," which is still a banger. Though it's not Green Day's strongest and there's a good amount of filler on the record, it's hard not to fall in love with this record.

What's your favorite ¡Uno! track? Do you have a favorite scene from ¡Cuatro!? Discuss and reminisce with us on the Green Day Community forums!
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