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In a new cover story for DIY Magazine, Green Day talk about their new album Saviors and looks back on their illustrious career, the anniversaries of Dookie and American Idiot, and more. Billie Joe also talks about the honesty of "Dilemma" saying:

“There was no big drama around getting sober this time, I was just over it,” he says. “The older you get, the more time means to you. When you wake up sober and you hear birds singing or chirping in the yard, it’s the greatest sound in the world. But when you’re hungover, it’s the worst thing that you could ever hear. I like being sober. I feel stronger now about it. A lot of people that I know are not drinking anymore because they’re just over it. There’s other aspects of the addiction where it’s like, once I start I keep going, I don’t have that off switch. I wrote ‘Dilemma’ while I was drinking. It turned into one of the most honest songs I ever wrote.”

They also touched on their reluctancy to release Saviors:

“At first we were reluctant to drop ‘Saviors’,” says Mike, “because we didn’t want it to fall in the shadow of those two albums. But the fans started posting stuff and celebrating these records, and you could see what they meant to people. But at the same time, they also wanted new music. So we realised, it’s not taking away from, it’s adding to.” “It felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity,” echoes Billie. “All the records sort of lift each other up.”

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