[newsImage]073010_americanIdiot.jpg[/newsImage]MSN Music recently listed Green Day on two separate lists - the first was including American Idiot on their list of "most controversial album covers".
[quote]Green Day's cover image of a bleeding heart/grenade certainly provokes a reaction. Not surprisingly, the tracks on American Idiot are much more political than their previous efforts.[/quote]
You can see the full list on MSN.

Green Day was also included on MSN Music's list of "Top 50 maddest moments in music", at number 34 "Green Day wakes fan from coma".
[quote]Corey regained consciousness [...] after being played Green Day's American Idiot by his mother. A spokesperson for the band said, "The boys are incredibly pleased that one of their tracks has brought Corey out of his coma. They hope he continues with his recovery and makes a full return to health."[/quote]
The full list of the top 50 moments can be found on MSN Music. Gotta love the classy photo they chose to include :D

Thanks to Liv E. for the news.
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