From what we've heard so far, sounds like Billie Joe did an awesome job tonight in his debut as St. Jimmy in the American Idiot musical. Hardly surprising, but the positive reaction we've got so far from people who attended really makes it seem incredible.

We have a handful of photos so far and have uploaded them right here. We'll add more as we get them.

If you went to the show and would like to share your thoughts, or have come across any good photos or video, email us,

We will post up full recaps tomorrow, but for now here's a small taste

From Alise S.
"We just got back from Billie Joe's Broadway debut, and I'm pleased to say he was brilliant. When he entered to St. Jimmy, we all went nuts, but when the song was over, the ovation was embarrassingly long and loud. When the show resumed, Johnny Gallagher broke up laughing not once, but twice. Billie Joe was loose and comfortable, and didn't ham it up until the end, when St. Jimmy's dead body was exiting stage left and Billie Joe did a wink, a wave and a smile over his shoulder. All in all, I would say Billie Joe knocked it out of the park. As a woman, I can say he looked great, back to the black hair again. If you can get tickets, GO!! "

From Niki S.
"Wow! I just got back from seeing Billie Joe Armstrong in American Idiot and I can hardly put thoughts together as to how awesome and amazing the whole experience was. He had spiky, full black hair and no, did not wear what Tony Vincent normally does but was dressed head to toe in black and chains, his arms tattoos quite vivid under the stage lights. He had heavy black eyeliner on and a sleeveless black shirt. He came out singing "St. Jimmy" like a regular cast member, fully in character, highly energetic and with a very powerful voice. Wow, the man can sing! And by sing I mean belt it out! The applause for "St. Jimmy" lasted what felt like a good two or three minutes at least with a couple people even giving a standing ovation. "

From Joseph B.
". The highlight for me was "Homecoming" since Green Day never played this song at the shows I've been to. For this one, Billie sounded like himself but his voice was even stronger than usual. He removed his shirt, drew the heart on his chest and did the trust-fall perfectly, landing in the hands of the cast after "killing" himself. He then waved the gun with the "Bang!" sign playfully at the audience as he was carried away."

Here's Billie's entrance as St. Jimmy

Here's a video of Billie's performance in Homecoming. This is the scene where St. Jimmy dies.
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