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Green Day will join some other bands and comedians for a Katrina Benefit Feburary 1st in Los Angeles. Tickets for the event range from $50 - $200 and all the money raised will go to the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross. Click here for more info.

We finally were able to setup the fan tattoo section for people to submit their stuff. If you have a Green Day tattoo and would like it displayed, please submit it here. I ask that everyone who had their images up before, please re-submit them through this new system. Thanks!

We are now also accepting fan art. So send away.

Thanks for the patience while we worked on these sections, we hope you guys enjoy them.

I would also like to send a big thanks to everyone who donated to GDA this month. You guys are amazing and we thank you for your support!

Green Day has been nominated for 3 NME Awards. Best International Band, Best Live Band, and Best Music DVD (Bullet in A Bilble). More info.

The Links have been updated.
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