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Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC
November 08, 1997
Other Acts:
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  • Brandi: "Billie, Tre and Mike ran out on the stage. Billie wore all black, Mike had long pants and a sleeveless t-shirt on and Tre wore a jersey shirt and a tank top underneath. They started out with Going To Pasalacqua. It sounded great. Billie kept dousing us with water and so did Mike and the security guards. Billie got up on the amps and leaned into the crowd and they tried to pull him in - the security got even madder. Then the crowd grabbed Billie's mic. He jumped back onstage and gave the roadies a sheepish grin. Tre got up and went over to where Mike was standing. Mike was like, 'Tre, why can't you just play nice like all of the other drummers!' So he got on the amps too and leaned out! The crowd was going wild! Billie pranced around the stage looking like a fairy! Someone threw clothes onstage and Billie put them on his head during Knoweledge. So then there was a naked guy in the mosh pit the back! I stuck my toungue out at Mike and he did the same back. Billie shook his butt and Tre's threw like fifty drumsticks at one time into the air! Then Billie was like, 'Want to hear some Weezer?' He teased Say It Ain't So - he sounded good... I'll take him over Rivers any day! Then he goes, 'Want to hear some Metallica?' And he went to it! Then he did the whole Manson thing! But right before playing When I Come Around they ran backstage and everyone started yelling, 'Green Day, Green Day, Green Day!' And they came back out. Mike was like, 'We had to take a dump.' The first thing Billie said was, 'Goddamn!' He did it again and went, 'It's weird - you open your mouth and all that will come out is goddamn. Goddamn, goddamn, goddamn!" Then Billie let this loser get up on stage to play Knowelege on Blue and he totally fucked it up! (The song, not Blue. Deep sigh of relief.) Then the guy started to go off and Billie was like, 'Get the fuck off of my stage!' He tells the security guards to pick the guy up and throw him back into the crowd! It was so funny! The guy ended up hanging from the rafters and the security got pissed! After When I Come Around, Tre fell over the drumkit and ran backstage. Mike kept playing and goofing off. Billie sat on the floor and played his guitar like it's his new favorite toy on Christmas morning! Tre came back on stage with a bunch of cinder blocks and threw them on his kit. He totally trashed it! Billie was playing so loud that the vibrations knocked his beer off of the amp. The guard picked it up, doused the crowd with it and poured the rest on my head! God, did I stink!"
Photos from Charlotte, NC
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1. Disappearing Boy (Soundcheck)
2. One Of My Lies (Soundcheck)
3. Going to Pasalacqua
4. Geek Stink Breath
5. Welcome to Paradise
6. Chump
7. Brain Stew
8. 2,000 Light Years Away
9. Longview
10. Hitchin' A Ride
11. The Grouch
12. F.O.D.
13. Basket Case
14. She
15. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
16. Nice Guys Finish Last
17. Prosthetic Head
18. When I Come Around
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