McGregor's in Elmhurst, IL
July 08, 1990
Other Acts:
The Effigies (headliner), Sludgeworth, Johnny Chainsaw
  • Getting In Tune: "Armstrong sensed an importance about the sell-out show and often thanked the crowd for their continued support in Chicago; citing the tour has the best the band as ever had and reminiscing about their first ever visit to Chicago as openers for local punk legends The Effigies."
  • Sun Times: "He [Matt Nelson] went on to put together successful concerts at local clubs, including one at McGregor's in Elmhurst, where he booked a band he really liked but not many people had heard of yet - Green Day. ..."He introduced a lot of kids to punk rock through all-ages shows," DeRosa said, recalling, "He booked Green Day at McGregor's when they were a small band touring out of a van."
  • gdtourvan1990: "...The Chicago show was at McGregors on the northwest corner of W North Ave and Hwy 83 in Elmhurst IL. What was this place? Was it a bar? It had a ridiculous brass railing around the stage. It was an all-ages show, which the guys always made a point of playing; and 80s punk icons The Effigies were staging a reunion, so the place was packed. ... After the show some Illinois nazis started a fight in the parking lot, but ... they had a plan for for this. At the first hint of trouble, Sean was to jump in the van and drive away. ... And then come back in about half an hour and pick up the guys. ... on tour, your van is everything. ... A band can always borrow instruments, but it’s unlikely someone will loan you a van. The McGregors show was the only time we ever had to enact the plan. ... McGregor’s is now a vacant lot. ... After the McGregor’s show we were invited to stay with a band called 8 Bark ... Doug [Ward] came out and asked if we planned to leave the gear in the van, 'thing is, thieves around here can just look at a van, how it sits on its tires, and ... they can even tell what brand of amps and guitars you got.' ... we were advised not to leave the van unattended the entire time ... The first shift ... it was John and Sean who slept on the bunk. ...
    During the day I drove the guys over to the Sears Tower and they rode an elevator to the top. ... Later, they went out for burritos with the 8 Bark guys... Aaron and John decided a van in motion was more difficult to rob, so they drove around all night trying to find as many locations from The Blues Brothers as they could. ..."
Photos from Elmhurst, IL
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