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Paradise Lounge in San Francisco, CA
February 18, 1994
Other Acts:
Translator, The Grays, Yah Yah Littleman
  • Incomplete setlist
  • Malderor: "The last time I saw Green Day headlining, they were playing the Paradise Lounge in 1994."
  • NBC Bay Area: "The last time I saw Green Day headlining, they were playing the Paradise Lounge in 1994. MTV had yet to carpet-bomb the world with the Longview video, but there was a definite whiff of something in the air. Excitement? Expectation? East Bay 'chronic?'"
  • Geezer: "Flashback Friday. Your grandpa saw Green Day TWICE in 1994, you little bandwagon jumpers. Once at the tiny Paradise Lounge in San Fran for a minute and then at Lollapalooza at Shoreline that summer, by which time they were one of the biggest bands on the planet. Links below because you look bored. Can't wait to see the Green Today kids do the Dookie tomorrow night with us! Love, Grandpa Geezer."
  • Gray: "It wasn’t terribly late after they’d finished but Liz wanted to leave and you can’t argue with a woman who is tired, even if you’re just friends. So we got out of there just as the last up-and-coming band was playing. They sounded like an explosion of energy and a Bay Area friend had been telling me about how great their live shows were for awhile but there was no way of staying. John from Yah Yah LIttleman said they were really good and the singer drank beer out of a girl’s shoe from the crowd. I believe him. Five months later, they were one of the biggest bands on earth and I got to see them at Lollapalooza."
Photos from San Francisco, CA
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1. Road To Acceptance
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