Basement in Detroit, MI
July 12, 1990
Other Acts:
The Stench, F.A.Q., The Generals
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "The first time we played Detroit, I think it was 1990, I was like 18 and we played with the Generals, and Detroit scared the fucking shit outta me."
  • National Rock Review: "Speaking of the basement show; at the time, I was organizing shows at the Oakland Community College Auburn Hills Campus north of Detroit for bands like Plaid Retina, Filth, Corrupted Morals, Fifteen, Antischism, Neurosis, and Econochrist. However, Bad Religion drew a few hundred concertgoers in June 1990, resulting in the college requesting the remaining concerts be moved off campus. While I moved M.D.C., The Offspring, and Oi Polloi to local area halls, no venue was available for Green Day. Instead, I threw a party in a friend’s basement with fewer than 20 people in attendance making it probably one of the most intimate stops on their tour. That’s right; Green Day played my basement party."
  • gdtourvan1990: "... Upon arriving at the Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills the show was cancelled due to some kind of asbestos issue in Building H where the show was supposed to be. There were a bunch of kids there and it had the makings of another good show. Not to be discouraged, a show was hastily put together in the basement of the house where the band The Generals practiced in Detroit.
    We formed a caravan and drove to the new location and as each block went by, there were less and less working street lights and more and more burnt down houses; I don’t think any of us had seen so much urban destruction before. When we arrived at the house, 11670 Stout Street, our hosts were so concerned about us getting robbed (in their front yard) they had me drive up on the lawn and back right up to the front door so the gear could just be handed in. It was a fun show, but once we were done, it was time to go. The house is gone now, but that lawn is still there. ..."
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