Cavity Club in Austin, TX
January 07, 1993
Other Acts:
  • Oliver Glad: "I was on stage with them at that show ballet dancing."
  • John Matthew Walker: "Smoked weed with them on The Cavity Club skate ramp in '93."
  • Chelsea Kelly Murphree: "It was $3 to get in & I was so surprised at the small number of people there."
  • Christopher W. Puryear: "Billie had a real bad case of the flu. I remember the guy in Austin made them play anyway. You could tell he felt like crap."
  • Michael Fuentes: "I drove them to the Apple Tree grocery store on that tour. They were all sick, so we went shopping for cold medicine. Good times!"
  • Tajstah: "Trying to remember this timeline of their early Austin shows... Maybe someone can help? First they were at the Backroom. Then a secret show the next day at Cavity Club."
  • subCCultured: "I was at the Cavity show. He soldiered on like a real trooper. Good show. Just remembered this... I would say we had twice as many people at the KC Hall gig as the Cavity."
  • Jonathan Bell: "I can remember the Green Day show at the Cavity, but that was my only time seeing them. I remember being surprised at how few people were there and thinking that I'd seen some local shows at the Cavity with bigger turnouts."
  • John Matthew Walker: "Just watched Green Day get inducted in the RNRHOF. They totally deserve it. Cool to think of a band from 924 Gilman getting some props. Smoked weed with them on The Cavity Club skate ramp in '93. Weird to see them in this context."
  • Graham Williams: "I was at that show. They played Backroom night before but since it wasn't all ages, they played an early $4 show at Cavity for the kids that couldn't get in, which was pretty cool. orafist played after since Green Day had to bail early to get to Dallas in time for the night show. I remember before Houston Ritcheson had just become a skinhead and made it a point to pull the burning American flag from Orafist during the set, and out, out the flames of injustice! I just know that most of the folks had left after Green Day, so it was pretty light audience-wise at that point."
Photos from Austin, TX
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