Pop Disaster Tour, Madison Square Garden in New York, NY
May 31, 2002
Other Acts:
Blink-182 (co-headliner), Saves The Day
  • Lizo: "Green Day were amazing! I had just seen Paul McCartney for my last now and while few people can beat a Beatle, I think that Green Day did. We snuck up to the first row and my friend went crowdsurfing. I don't tink I've ever had that much fun in my entire life. Sucks that Blink had to be on, though."
  • Erin: "I was in the mosh pit, so I was a lucky one. Moshing wasn't so hot, but it was the best when Green Day was on. Blink 182 played an OK show, I mean, they were nothing compared to Green Day. Fireworks, and the part where Billie Joe started screaming, 'Someone fuck me!' I was ready to run on the stage. He's so hot. They're definitely the best live band I've ever seen. They really made my first real concert a night to never forget. I still have scars from the moshing, because they were so great. During King For A Day, I was, like, screaming along. Hell, I still have laryngitis from screaming along with every song they played, even 2,000 Light Years Away which not many people really know about, but it's one of my faves."
  • "Walking into the most famous arena in the world for a show headlined by Blink-182 and opened by Green Day just didn’t seem right, but it was exciting regardless. Green Day stormed the stage after an opening set by Saves The Day and simply blew the roof off of the Garden. Starting off with Maria, from International Superhits, Billie Joe, Tre and Mike played a mostly all Dookie set and played with the crowd throughout. After Nimrod’s Hitchin’ A Ride, and Insomniac’s Brain Stew/Jaded medley, the boys dug into the older 2,000 Light Years Away, and Operation Ivy’s Knowledge, where three kids were invited onstage to take over instrumental duties from the band. Billie Joe donated the guitar to his young counterpart, and Mike eventually gave a bass that he lit on fire to another lucky kid. After an extended rendition of King For a Day, complete with horn players dressed as a bee and a chicken respectively as well as a cover of Lloyd Williams' Shout, the band ran through Waiting, Minority, and When I Come Around. It was then that Mike torched his bass and Tre destroyed his drumset leaving Billie Joe alone onstage for the closer Time of Your Life. Green Day really showed everybody tonight why they still are one of the best bands and live acts you will ever see."
Photos from New York, NY
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1. Maria
2. Longview
3. Hitchin' A Ride
4. Brain Stew
5. Jaded
6. 2,000 Light Years Away
7. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
8. King For A Day
9. Shout (The Isley Brothers cover)
10. Waiting
11. Minority
12. When I Come Around
13. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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