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Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, CA
September 05, 1999
Other Acts:
Autumn Rain, Heather Fairchild, The Suzy-Cutes
  • Incomplete setlist
  • Gavin Freitas: "Billie smashed his guitar on stage, I remember. Songs, don't remember. Everything off Nimrod probably. He invited the fan club, but it was a thank you to the contractors who built Billie's house. He came out in the street to get me in ... He played All the Time. Desensitized for sure. In fact I remember Billie reminding Tre how to play it."
  • "I met Green Day on Sept 5th, at the Labor Day show at Bottom of the Hill. ... I'm a member of the Idiot Club and I asked to go to this show and they put me on the guest list, plus one guest. ... The show started at 8:00 and we ... got there at 8:30 and got in no problem. There were Christmas tree lights and colored streamers all over. The first person I recognized was Cinder Block from Tilt. Matthew Fox, all of the Criminals and One Man Army were at that show. The Frustrators were there too. I first saw Jason, and he introduced me to Terry and Art. And I met Sara who did backup vocals on one of their songs [I Slept With Terry]. On my way to the bathroom Billie Joe passed me by ... I stood next to him for the longest time, and then he walked away! As luck would have it, Billie came walking back my way. I said, 'Hey Billie... Hi, my name is Marisa'. I shook his hand and completely lost my voice. I was just smiling like a big idiot. My friend was there with a camera. So, Billie Joe took the camera, and pointed it at his face, and I put my face up next to his and then he waited for the flash, and took a picture of just him and me, smiled and walked off to the backstage area. All I could do at that point for the next five minute was make these weird squealing sounds. They started playing at 10:00, and ended at 11:45. Billie came up first and said, 'Hello, my name is Billie Joe, and I'm an alcoholic.' They played requests. We screamed for Jinx, and they almost played it. They covered Michael Jackson's Beat It and Limp Bizkit's Nookie (replacing every 'Nookie' with 'Dookie'). Mike called 2,000 Light Years Away '2,000 Light Beers Away'. ... A few songs from that night: Hitchin' a Ride, Paper Lanterns, Disappearing Boy, Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?, One for the Razorbacks. Billie was playing two guitars I'd never seen before, and someone asked where Blue was... and the sad truth is, Blue is officially retired.
    One of the new songs was called Church On Sunday. The show ended abruptly after Billie played another new song and he got really pissed about something, threw his guitar down and stormed offstage. We the audience were wondering if they were coming back or what. Then the roadies packed up their stuff. The show was SO amazing! I saw Tré Cool outside and I stood next to him for a while in silent awe before going back in to find Emily, who had gotten a drumstick. So we went back to find Tré, and he signed her drumstick. Then I found Mike, and he actually remembered me from the Frustrators show about 2 weeks previous, and he signed Emily's drumstick and gave me a guitar pic which he signed for me. And then Emily and I got a ride home with Art and Sara, who are both extremely nice people and we're totally grateful for that. My ears wouldn't stop ringing for days. But it was all totally worth it, I had a blast, and I am so grateful that the Idiot Club gave me this chance."
Photos from San Francisco, CA
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1. 2,000 Light Years Away
2. Hitchin' A Ride
3. Paper Lanterns
4. Disappearing Boy
5. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
6. One For The Razorbacks
7. Church On Sunday
8. All The Time
9. Private Ale
10. Dry Ice
11. The Grouch
12. Prosthetic Head
13. Welcome To Paradise
14. Longview
15. Burnout
16. 86
17. Brat
18. Desensitized (Incomplete)
19. Beat It (Michael Jackson cover)
20. Nookie (Limp Bizkit cover)
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