VFW Club in Billings, MT
June 27, 1990
Other Acts:
The Stench
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  • Recordings from the show can be found here
  • Cometbus: "Scary X marks the spot where someone died."
  • Jenni Johnson Huss: "Seeing Green Day at the VFW on Grand before they were famous."
  • The Billings Gazette: "Punk bands Stench and Green Day will perform, beginning at 8 p.m. at the VFW Club, 2646 Grand Ave."
  • ejones91: "...It was at the strip mall on Grand at about 26th. It used to be a V.F.W. post. I think there's a tobacco store or an optometrist there now."
  • Billings Gazette: "In the '90s, he [Sean Lynch] promoted punk shows different venues in Billings, even bringing Green Day to town for a show at MSU-B and putting the band up in his parents' basement."
  • catbutt2002: "It's Rick Mock! [the Rock Rumble host] The guy with the show from his basement near Billings Senior High School - he got busted for having or growing pot too near a school, and his cable show went down with him. Nice to see Chris Clark front stage too."
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "This was such a fun show. Here’s to all the kids that put on shows at VFW halls. we a bought a bottle of bleach (Lady Clairol Blue). We bleached our hair in front of the building. The locals took us to a little river run lake type place and we jumped off a bridge in the water. Maybe it was a rope swing... Such a fun time. I never had so many mosquito bites in my life. People in the crowd danced and pogo’d. Great hospitality. Thanks Billings!"
  • The Billings Gazette: "Punk bands Stench and Green Day will perform, beginning at 8 p.m. at the VFW Club, 2646 Grand Ave. ... Promoter Tim Hawke described Stench and Green Day as post modern punk. He said punk is gaining in popularity nationwide. Stench is from Salt Lake City, Utah and Green Day is from Orange County, Calif. They are currently touring the Northwest. ... You may purchase advance tickets to the punk show for $3 by calling Hawke, 656-4773. Tickets at the door are $4 for either show."
  • Tim Hawke: "Billings Montana. 1990. My friend and I embraced the DIY punk ethic. We had a band and put on shows. Renting a VFW/Eagles lodge. Whatever we could get our hands on. Rent a stage/PA. No insurance. Not bonded. No security. 18 y/o and high af on acid. In Montana. We put on a few shows, and Kamala got wind of it. Next thing you know, we were in the book. Book your own fucking life. In the summer of ‘90, we had Green Day, The Offspring, Neurosis, and many other awesome bands. I paid GD $350. They were psyched. I also got them a pizza and they smoked all my weed. We took them swimming in the Yellowstone River. Those were great days..."
Photos from Billings, MT
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1. Paper Lanterns
2. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
3. At The Library
4. Going To Pasalacqua
5. Disappearing Boy / I Don't Know (Ozzy Osbourne cover) / Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
6. Don't Leave Me
7. Road To Acceptance
8. 409 In Your Coffeemaker
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