Basement in West Hanover, PA
July 15, 1990
Other Acts:
Admiral, others
  • Recordings from the show can be found here
  • Aaron Cometbus played drums on "I Was There", "Disappearing Boy", "409 In Your Coffeemaker", "At The Library"
  • John Kiffmeyer: "Great guys [Admiral], they put us up in Harrisburg."
  • Aaron Cometbus: "Free bleach and red dye. Cool lime green fireflies. $250 for van repairs."
  • Angela.: "Anyways, Billie told us at our show that the first time GD played in Pennsylvania was back in... 1990, I think, in a living room in Harrisburg. He said that we could find the videos on YouTube. I looked for them and found them. They were pretty cool."
  • Elray Gunn: "That was a crazy day... The stealing of my keys and the smoke bomb-pissing incident will forever be a good memory. Joel, when I met Green Day on Cameron Street to take them over to my house, they stunk so bad. I made them all take showers, then we went to the laundromat... Exciting times! I think you were the laundry attendant..."
  • Joséph P. McRedmond: "Jay Shorrey's basement in West Hanover a mile from my parents' house. Aaron Cometbus played drums while the other drummer was booking the rest of the tour in the kitchen upstairs. The night before I took them to the Pathmark in Camp Hill, and we got chased out for shoplifting and rearranging all the price signs by a guy I went to high school with."
  • "This vid is great. It was actually filmed in my basement, not living room. I knew somebody had filmed the show but did not think it was still around. Two other bands played that night: a local band from Mechanicsburg, PA (might have been their only show) and Admiral - a great band from Harrisburg who had played with Green Day earlier that summer out west. That is how the whole basement show came about."
Photos from West Hanover, PA
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1. I Was There
2. Disappearing Boy
3. 409 In Your Coffeemaker
4. At The Library
5. Paper Lanterns
6. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
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