Just a few minutes ago New York radio DJ Rich Russo premiered a new song by Green Day featuring Jesse Malin on the Anything, Anything show on 101.9 RXP. The new song is called Depression Times and it was recorded at Stratosphere Studios in New York City in March of 2009. The song was produced by famous rock photographer Bob Gruen.

You can listen to a 1 minute clip of the song in the audio player below:

Update: You can find the full version right here.

Instead of releasing the song as Green Day featuring Jesse Malin, the guys decided to come up with a new name for the group. Originally Jesse Malin said that the group was going to be called Drunk In New York in an interview earlier this year. In the end the guys came up with the name Rodeo Queens, the name that this song is officially released under.

Depression Times was originally going to air at the beginning of November, but due to technical difficulties at the radio station it never did until today.

Update November 2011: Here's an interview with Jesse about recording this song with Green Day.
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