Billie Joe taking over BBC Radio One
On Wednesday, Green Day made an appearance on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio One show. Over the course of about forty-five minutes, the band was interviewed, and joked around with Zane Lowe.

The interview portion (the first fifteen minutes or so) was great, but the real kicker came when Billie and company decided to give a preview of the studio versions of some new songs. This wasn't something that Warner Bros was onboard with, or anything of the sort (they may not have loved that idea). Rather, it seems that the band just wanted to give us a few treats, played directly off of Billie's iPhone. Tré summed up the situation well (in his goofy announcer voice), right before they played a clip of "Carpe Diem":

"You're listening to BBC Radio One...this is the Green Day debacle. We're going to play you some of our new material...out of an iPod, through a cable that we got from Radio Shack, that's been chewed on by rats...let's go."

If you'd like more information, go read our original post about the radio show. You can also listen to the full, 45-minute interview. Below are the clips of the new songs that were played. There are 7 clips in total: 2 from ¡Uno!, and five from ¡Dos!.

Makeout Party:

Fell For You:

Lady Cobra:

Carpe Diem:

Wild One:

It's Fuck Time:

Click here to download mp3's of this whole collection of files.

Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!
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