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[caption=Photo by Felisha Tolentino]082212_bbcradio1.jpg[/caption]BBC Radio One has announced that Green Day will be interviewed on Zane Lowe's radio show tonight, which airs at 7:00pm in the UK or 2pm est. From the time of this being posted there is exactly two hours until the show starts.

I believe that the guys will just be on the show for an interview and not a performance, but only time will tell. We will have audio of the show up after it airs. You can stream the show live on the Radio One website.

Edit 3:20pm EST: Here's the full interview along with a few clips of new songs off of the bands upcoming trilogy of albums.

On a related note, Green Day will be on BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning. The program will air at 6.50am, 7.50am, and 8.50am local time.
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